A mega yacht charter holiday is luxury sailing at its very best. Here at Dream Marine, we can make your holiday dreams come true. Like our super yacht charter holidays, our mega yacht charter is utterly extravagant, with a full crew to tend to your needs, and even more water sport activities for you to enjoy.

Mega Yacht Charter: The Ultimate Luxury

If you want the ultimate luxury of sailing holidays, with the most extravagant yachts, choose a mega yacht charter holiday with Dream Marine. With the most phenomenally designed yachts, starting at an impressive 60 metres in length, we can find a mega yacht charter holiday that can really take your breath away. Sailing destinations we cover include West Mediterranean Sea, East Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean, Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

With state of the art facilities and the most lavish surroundings, you will be able to enjoy a complete luxury experience with:

• Full crew at your disposal O'Mega water sports toys
• Exhilarating water sport activities
• Large groups of up to 12 (or more with passenger vessels)

The Most Extravagant Yachts

Our mega yacht charter holidays are created to bring you the ultimate luxury sailing experience, with sail and motor yachts. With a full crew to tend to your requirements, we can look after parties of all sizes; most of our luxury yachts can take up to 12 people, but we can also take larger groups with our registered passenger vessels. Our yachts are beautifully designed, and many of them have very unique characteristics that make them completely unique.

Available for corporate events or company holidays, we can also offer mega yacht charter sailing for the following global events; MIPIN, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and Valencia Grand Prix.

If you are interested in mega yacht charter holidays, get in touch with Dream Marine for more information.



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